The Mary Grey

The Mary Grey

As part of the Perthshire Suite, ’The Mary Grey‘ commemorates a shipbuilding industry which was a significant part of Perth’s economy in the 18th and 19th centuries. The largest ship ever built in Perth was the Mary Grey, displacing 446 tons. She was launched in 1840, but wrecked off the Lofoten Islands of Norway only 17 years later. So we take an imaginary journey (maybe her last) on the Mary Grey…. on a day initially still and foggy…

My movement of the Perthshire Suite, written for the Perth Symphony Orchestra’s 60th anniversary. Performed 1/3/2014 in Perth Concert Hall, Scotland.

in review

“The Mary Grey was a delightful piece of tone painting.

Telling the story of the largest ship built in Perth on an imaginary voyage, the music was full of atmosphere with a lovely string theme that developed into a more agitated section before returning to the stillness of the opening complete with ships bell. A super piece that was played with conviction.”

Peter Rutterford